2017 FALL
AREA: 8 acres (34857.9 sq ft) 

Lenticular lens is used for producing printed images with the ability to change or move as they are viewed from different angles. I consider this image processing method as an analog to the censorship which is the suppression of any kinds of information by manipulating or removing the content. 


Google, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Whatsapp......
All these social media platforms and international search engines are still blocked in mainland China. Of course, censorship not only exists in China, it is also a global issue that happens everywhere. Inspired by the debate of censorship in the art world over the recent years and the censored historical tragedy like Tiananmen Square Massacre, the themes of this memorial touches on information transparency and censorship. This design is dedicated to all the victims in the hidden history. While this project tries to showcase and examine the existence of censorship from different perspectives, it also functions as a growing archiving platform for all the censorship related events happened and will happen in the world.


My goal for this project is to design a flexible object that focuses on the memory of censorship, thus, this project is a memorial, a plaza, an installation and all different other objects in viewers’ interpretation. The main body of this memorial plaza is consist of the labyrinth memorial, remediation woods, lighting plaza, and underground shopping mall. The first half of labyrinth memorial is the lenticular installation which provides a multisensory information filtering experience. The second half function as the media room that document and showcase the information about the event and victims. The remediation woods provide exterior resting and calming areas for visitors come out from the labyrinth memorial. As censorship is an everlasting phenomenon, this design also involves the “growing” systems that allow the updating information in the future. The media rooms and lighting plaza will continuously update the information. The underground shopping mall as a commercial zone creates a sarcastic comparison to the solemn environment of the memorial to dramatize the experience and question the the numbness of contemporary urban life.