Hindra, a gawky and self-loathing yet wickedly talented and whimsical goddess of creation depicted by Kristen Wiig on Saturday Night Live, is a beneficiary of favoritism from Jupiter for her erratic eruption of captivating novelties. Hindra’s portfolio flaunts a constellation of curios ranging from flamingo, clam and peacock to jellyfish, volcano and music. While her more conservative and evolutionist colleagues relying on morphology and adaptation based varieties, such as bears in distinct biomes or an elongated version of a horse for recreational purposes, Hindra excels through singularities that defy a continuous narrative of natural history. Hindra’s repertoire documents our own enchantment with the discoveries of biology. The glamour comes with a blow within the lacuna between established phylums and genuses. It both resembles a chimera of arbitrary contingents and harnesses tokens of humanoid faculties. It is nature’s work of contraptions, delivered through the lense introspection.


Jellyfishes, despite flamboyant in HDR representations that embody human beings’ triumph of the deep sea, even in their sexually mature phase as Medusas, are not intended to be appreciated visually. Their existence is ethereal, almost an ephemeral substance that is homogenous with its surroundings. Their crimson guts are the solutions of efficiency, an utterance not meant to be heard, for red doesn’t reach the deep and black is a tautology. The luring iridescence is an elaborate fabrication, since bioluminescence is predominantly a defense mechanism and it takes great toll on the ‘light artist’ given the scarcity of enzyme. Presentations of discoveries misinterpret the scintilla of deep horror and survival instinct as the signature of extraterrestrial paradise. Convolution Neural Nets greedily sample those fantasies as essences and populates the reconstructions with those enhanced projections relentlessly. Just as veiled human biases could be exposed in an alarmingly stark manner with the brute force of machine learning, our creative whims could also be machine learnt and laid bare with an under-trained GANs model, as a romanticist trope in art criticism loves to tout that deskilling and naivety follows sophistication and maturity.