The original dance “One Breath is an Ocean for a Wooden Heart” is a duet created by Lisa Bufano and Sonsherée Giles. Extracted from Lisa Bufano’s personal story and her experience of embodying movement, the collaboration of one disabled dancer and an able-bodied dancer in this piece discuss the themes of visceral alienation, creature embodiment, and identity transformation. When performing the dance, both of them wear 28" wooden stilts on hands and foot to form a seemingly juxtaposed combination of artificial object and the flesh body.


While there are a lot of moments of creature mimicking, this dance for me represents Lisa Bufano’s swinging self-recognition and her identity uncertainty. My design emphasizes the transformation process of self-searching. In the giant “cocoon” that weaved by two dance’s movements, they seem to experience a journey where they started as two attached beings and growing into two independent souls. The artistic representation of transformation was symbolized by the unraveling strings where an illusion of metamorphosis was introduced.